One of the most crucial interventions in Athens, this park reestablishes the lost connection of the city to the sea. This connection is “built” in both directions: from the city to the sea, extending the urban texture of Athens, and from the sea to the city, by planting trees in every possible place, along the street and in the empty areas. Lines trace this dynamic dialogue: linear water elements extend within the park while transparent buildings line along five axis that form piers on the seafront. These axis connect to the city over the proposed coverage of the existing highway. The gradual inclination of the ground towards the sea houses additional buildings, which, half buried, disclose their slender planted roofs.

Altogether, the public park is enriched with public functions of approximately 3.000m2. The program includes recreation facilities (restaurants, cafes, outdoor cinema), culture space for exhibitions, observation and environmental information, athletic activities (swimming pools, athletic courts, hygienic installations, gym), marinas and underground parking areas. The grid of the free standing structures on the axis defines the placement of pines as part of a mediterranean coastal ecosystem consisting of a variety of indigenous trees, shrubs and smaller plants. Planting will play an important role in the experience of the place, providing a natural mediterranean feeling to the site.


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