The building is on a long rectangular plot with its narrow side of the main street of Zepfyri, an old agricultural hub that is incorporated today within the Athens metropolitan plain. The program includes cultural and educational functions of (700 seats theater, museum, library, music room, showrooms, workshops and multipurpose spaces), totaling 3,000m2.

The length of the plot combined with elevation differences of the ground level give the opportunity to create a major outdoor smooth ramp that runs along the north side of the building and gives access to all functions. The ramp connects directly to the old main street itself (now a vehicular axis), achieves the interweaving of the building’s open spaces, and is in direct visual contact with the indoors through extensive glazing thus attempting to play the role of a central village street for people to see and be seen.

A suspended corrugated metal roof completes the composition, marking the public and open character of the center.


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