The project is a double phase competition entry for the regeneration of the Saint Nikolaos pier in the middle of the ferry zone of the major sea-port of Patra. The program consists of 2.500m² of cultural, commercial and educational uses on the 16.000m² existing pier structure.

While Patra is a coastal city it is blocked by its natural reference, because of the heavy port traffic port and its fencing. The proposal seeks to intensify and maximize this unique exit point of the city to the sea as a contact point with the element of water in its various forms.

The design introduces an extensive shallow linear water surface in the center of the pier. As a result the dry areas of the pier become oblong pedestrian and programmatic zones between the pond water and the sea itself. The design attempts to ironically rectify the rather flat proportions of the existing structure’s plan by reinstating the long walk towards the sea as its main theme. At the same time the centrally positioned reflective surface of the pond becomes a culmination of the major city axis of the heavily sloped Agios Nikolaos Street.


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