The project is a residential and office development with commercial uses on ground level.The total area is 25,000 square metres. The site has a magnificent view to an extensive park, with river Dnepr and the historic centre of Kiev in the background.

The building is introduced into a unique urban setting of arrayed rectilinear modernist housing blocks in various stages of neglect and new formally adventurous buildings that attempt to recompose fragments of historic urban formations.

The design proposes a 25 story block to culminate the housing array of Darnitsa street, while a lower building volume develops on the curved street line and marks the limit between the building block and the city to the park.

On ground level the plan is organized along the above references, the public street and an internal pedestrian path, vertical to Darnitsa street, that leads to a nearby proposed multi-use centre.

The skin of the building is of white concrete for the houses and grey transparent glass with concealed structure for the offices and shops.

The proposal attempts to structure a critical participation to the developing urban and programmatic multiplicities of the area, respecting the actual and potential beauty of all the historic phases of the city’s architecture.


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