DV is a compilation of two typologies: the generic urban block topped with modernist freestanding boxes.

DV assumes diverse identities. Its volumes’ proximity is intensely urban while the twin V shaped oblique voids allow for relaxed unobstructed vistas. Its perimeter is an iconic metropolitan cityscape protected by operable perforated wood panels, while its internal spine is an elevated idyllic esplanade with trees and long water ponds flanked by freestanding white apartment buildings. This double life addresses people who opt for the benefits and intensity of city congestion while they do not give up on the openness and privacy of suburbia.

DV can be easily modified to fit diverse densities and locations. The boxes can grow higher, the garage can extend to its underground, the base houses 1.2m above the street can transform to high-ceiling street level shops and the ever-changing facades can adapt to various surroundings.


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