This single family residence (960m2) in Psychiko is situated on a large corner plot in Psychiko, a suburb of Athens. The site (1570m2) is characterized by a large difference in height of the streets that surround it.

The house consists of volumes that are arranged along the two sides of the site in order to provide the main garden space and the swimming pool with the isolation necessary in relation to the neighboring buildings. Furthermore, the open space – garden limits towards the streets are densely planted on succesive levels, attaining the desired level of privacy and tranquility.

The program is organised on two levels which are differentiated in terms of volume and materials. The ground floor consists of an L-shaped volume that houses the living areas; large openings intensify their direct relation to the garden, both visual and functional. The vertical surfaces are either clad in the same marble as all outdoor grounds or painted in similar color.

In contrast, a white linear pronounced volume, facing the east and housing the sleeping areas, hovers above the ground floor volume, accentuating the prevalent horizontality of the building.


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