The project is about a single family house in Filothei. The site is characterized by a general lack of view at ground level, while a, rare for this suburb, party wall on the southeast side obstructs insolation.

Suburban living is about contact with nature. The projects aims to reconnect this challenged plot with insolation, view, soil and vegetation. This contact is perceived as two separate requests, on the one hand of direct tactile contact with natural elements, on the other of visual access, view and re-associating with the reference points of the landscape.

Most spaces are concentrated in a narrow linear and tall 4 storey volume on the northwest side of the site, exposed to sunlight due to its height and its distance from the party wall. Thus, an open zone of intense urban proportions is created between the vertical volume of the house and the neighboring volume, whose party wall is being treated as part of the composition.

This zone, on the ground floor, houses the living and dining areas under a slab that extends beyond the outline of enclosed spaces, all the way to the party wall, provides shadow for the transparent facades and covers a part of the pool and outdoor living areas. This slab defines a horizontal visual plane from inside the house with constant reference to the garden.

The linear vertical volume is characterized by the circulation zone that runs along the north-western side, while all other spaces open to the southeast. Movement along this zone is continuous and culminates in a double height work space and higher to the terrace. The targeted views evolve along this ascent framing trees, nearby hills, open  perspectives and, on the terrace, the mountainscape of Penteli and Hymettus.


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