The house is located in Ixia, a loosely developed residential area, near the city of Rhodes. Its most striking characteristics are the strong inclination and the north view to the sea.

The house is organized in three levels. Access is from above, the floor is also an office and master bedroom. In the middle level are the living, dining, and kitchen facilities, while on the first level are a guesthouse, dayroom and places associated with the pool.

All of the houses’ functional entities are organized around an open atrium, which is the dominant vertical organizational element of the composition. The pool’s length is perpendicular to the elevation and penetrates the volume becoming the lower surface of the atrium.

The composition balances between the extroversion of the opening to the view, and the introversion of the atrium. The atrium, as a vacuum without any function at the deepest point of the house, assumes the role of a volume of light (natural light during the day and artificial light from the pool at night) that attempts to refocus the sense of homeliness in transparency.


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